Valiklis Cyclus Tools washing paste for hands 500g (710025)

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Cyclus Tools develops and produces top quality tools for professional bicycle repair shops, but of course its also appropriated for hobby technicians. Produced in Europe, these durable tools are permanently proofed by our quality checks. With furnitures for your workshop or cosmetic care products the portfolio is rounded off very well. For every problem Cyclus Tools offers solutions. Cyclus Tools counts among the leading manufacturers of tools for bicycles. To stay at the top we continuously enhance our products for todays fast changing conditions.

Our hand wash paste is a cleansing cream that doesn’t contain any solvents or chemicals and is free of hard abrasive ingredients. Its cleansing power comes from a protective ingredient based on lanolin. Thanks to its natural formulation with real sand this cream is biodegradable and free from any alkaline elements. Our hand cream can be used intensively without creating any hazards and will leave your hands clean and silky smooth.
Package: can 500 g


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